Insurance Construction Claims

Insurance Construction Claims – it can feel like rocket science.
Most policy holders are under the impression, filing an insurance claim is doing something wrong. We are not advocating to file an insurance claim just to file a claim. Our business is to help property owners that have already filed a claim and need construction work completed, either roofing, siding or windows. At times we are asked for an opinion as to whether there is hail damage because we are the roofing experts at validating or  denying damage for warranty reasons.  We do this via an inspection damage assessment report and provide access via a secure customer connect portal.

Our BackgroundIt ‘s important you choose a contractor that has experience in construction applications based on State Guidelines to install your roofing, siding, windows and gutter projects. What sets Storm ReNU apart from other general contractors is our expertise and knowledge of the “insurance construction” industry and “State Building Code Guidelines”!

Our beginnings started in 1984 working for a our family business on one of the largest underground petroleum fuel spills in Minnesota history utilizing a Patented System known as “in-situ soil vapor extraction” (SVE) which is still used across the world today. see EPA and PCA standards.  

The size of the spill caused determent to 1000’s of homes in the Maplewood, MN area. 

This fuel spill contaminated the soil and water systems and the State Code Guidelines had to be followed to restore the homeowners back to their pre-loss conditions!!!

When your property is damaged from an unexpected event from wind or a hail storm. It might not seem as large as millions of gallons of petroleum leaking into the ground, but the insurance process to restore the insured is the same today as it was back then.

Additionally, you have a right to select your contractor of choice and they should have extensive insurance construction experience and follow the State Building Code Guidelines to bring your property back to pre-loss conditions so you are indemnified! 

It was mandatory back in 1984 and it still is today! You need to choose an insurance construction specialty contractor that understands how the insurance industry works and Storm ReNU are those Specialists!!!

When we purchase property insurance one must understand you have already pre-paid in advance for any unforeseen disasters. You are owned the cost to replace what is damaged because you have pre-paid for it in advance. This is why its called risk insurance.

If you are in need of a damage assessment reach out to Storm ReNU and we will provide one for free. Contact Form… to confirm if you should contact your provider or not.