WE'RE HIRING - APPLY HERE *** $50 an Hour ***

Outside Work:  Increase your income as an appointment setter – $28,000 +  

Hey College Students or  Graduates,

I’m Matt, the Sales Manager at Storm ReNU, and I’m looking to hire a sales people to join our growing team. 

No experience in sales? No worries… we train and show how its done!!!! 

Most of our team didn’t work in sales before joining our team, and they are now making $50 per hour and more (actually… most make $100K and up with a handful at over $175k … no joke).


If you’re looking to: 

Jumpstart your career… 

Earn a serious income…

Have advancement opportunities…




SKIP the “entry level position” with meager pay…

…then we should talk.


Our fast paced industry, competitive pay, and team atmosphere will make you feel right at home with the Storm ReNU team.

Plus you get to hang out with me. ← Bonus.


Best part is, I don’t really care what’s on your resume. I’m more interested in your go-getter attitude, willingness to learn, and communication skills.


Want to work with the best? Give me a call or text at 651-955-7773 or email me at mattk@stormrenu.com

Not sure watch the video below…

Personal Details

Feed Your Life

Everyone needs a Vehicle to generate more income in today’s world; and the vehicle you choose will need to create DISCRESIONARY /disposal INCOME!

Our mindset at Storm ReNU is to throw out the word “disposal” and focus on discretionary income until you have enough residual/passive income which exceeds more than your daily income. 

“Your income needs to exceed your expenses, so you can use the remaining portion to build Residual Income that works for you until you exceed your daily income.”

Then and only then, will you have freedom to do as you wish!

How is this done

Below is a list to follow.

  • Find a job that has a high potential income
  • Find a mentor to keep you on track
  • Surround yourself with others that have the same mindset
  • Stay True To Yourself and Others: and become a Life Changer
  • Create a plan to generate residual/passive income

Here at Storm ReNU, we have all of the above for those that want it. Here are the steps.

  1. Most importantly, find a vehicle to generate income! Storm ReNU Open Sales Position
  2. Watch the video below to confirm your a fit and then contact our Sales Director to start a discussion on how you can start on your path to financial freedom and security.
  3. Get connected and committed to a culture that breeds success.  LinkedIn article…
  4. Plan and Dominate in order to exceed your goals by starting a job at Storm ReNU!