Will I be able to restore my property back to its original condition?

Well, that depends. Inmost cases the answer is YES. But, there may have been changes made or misunderstanding to the type of coverage a homeowner has or are not even aware of. An initial consultation is needed is most cases. Generally, it falls under a 80/20 rule where 80% of home owners are able to restore their property back to its fullness or better and not have out of pocket costs. So meeting with an expert insurance restoration consultant representative is wise as an initial step.

Will I have to deal directly with the insurance company?

After the initial insurance contact we take care of everything for you. As a General Contractor we coordinate all of the repairs to your damaged property and work with the insurance company directly for you. We understand you do not wish to manage several different contractors yourself in an effort to coordinate your own repairs. Your Insurance Company provides coverage for hiring and covering the cost of a Licensed General Contractor to coordinate everything.

What will this cost me?

There is no upfront costs, you are only responsible for the deductible. Some home owners choose to spend more to upgrade or add to a project. This is always an option. But our guarantee is – we will only charge for what the insurance company is willing to pay.