Standard Manufactures Warranty Information

All major shingle manufactures carry a standard out of the box 10 year limited warranty covering their product from defects. Simple hold on to your proof of purchase (such as your contract with your installer or invoice from your roofing supply store or retail store where you purchased the products), which will need to be provided to the the manufacture in the unlikely event you experience a problem during the warranty life term and need to file a claim. for more information see:

Siding products are similar and generally listed as a lifetime limited warranty. Vinyl siding has a 50 year warranty but is prorated after the 1st – 5 years, decreasing in value. Since siding products are made of different material, there are different warranties per product.

Storm ReNU Workmanship Warranty

Storm ReNU provides a 10 year workmanship warranty on all complete roofing systems and 5 year workmanship on siding, gutters and interior and exterior services. Our workmanship warranties are detailed in our service agreement contract.

If there are any issues – Please contact us within 48h hours hours so we can assess the concern.